About Dale C. Johnson



Dale C. Johnson was born and raised in the state of Hawaii. He is of mixed ethnicity, a combination of Japanese, English, Irish, Scottish, Norwegian, German and Dutch. His paternal grandfather and uncles worked for railroads in New York and the New England states. His maternal grandparents immigrated to the Hawaiian Islands from Japan and labored in the sugar cane fields on the island of Hawaii. Dale's father was a teacher and researcher with the Hawaii Department of Education. His mother was an elementary school secretary


After high school, Dale picked pineapples as a summer field worker on a plantation on the island of Lanai. During college at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, Dale worked as a busboy / dishwasher for his meals and a small wage. He graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. He entered law school in 1978.


Between his undergraduate and law school years. Dale worked in a variety of occupations that have helped him to relate to his clients and to understand the physical requirements of their jobs. He was a fast-food worker, a hospital nurse's aide and orderly, a department store sales clerk, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman, and a psychiatric aide at the University of Minnesota Hospitals.


In 1976, Dale moved to Bend, Oregon. Initially, he worked as a mill worker / saw operator. Later, he was hired as a juvenile court counselor / probation officer for Deschutes County, Oregon.


During his three years at the University of Oregon School of Law, Dale worked as a law clerk and spent a year as the bailiff for the Lane County Juvenile Court. He was elected Business Officer for the Student Bar Association for 1980-81 and served on several student-faculty committees. He designed the law school seal that appeared on official publications, before it was simplified to its present version.


Dale began his legal career with the Evohl F. Malagon firm in Eugene, Oregon in 1983. He left the firm, then known as Malagon, Moore, Johnson and Jensen, at the end of 1997 to start his own law practice in Springfield, Oregon. His areas of interest and practice are Oregon workers' compensation, Social Security disability, motor vehicle accidents and workers' compensation appellate practice. Dale served as the Chair of the Oregon State Bar's Workers' Compensation Section in 1993-1994, and is currently a member of the Section's Executive Committee. He will be the Section's Chair again in 2012.

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